Warranty terms

Still not satisfied with the product? Within 14 days of receiving your product, you can return your product. If after 14 days the product is faulty, then you can have the product repaired. We offer 24-month warranty on everything against manufacturing defects.

Repair within warranty

A repair under warranty is free of charge. Biker Boot by Magellan & Mulloy hereby follows the warranty of the manufacturer. In short, this means that the product cannot show any faults within 24 months, normal wear and tear accepted. If the product does not meet these conditions, we ensure that you will receive a good working product as quickly as possible.

Repair out of warranty

Not all repairs are covered within our guarantee. Is the product defect after 24 months? We will gladly solve it for you. However, this is not within the warranty of Biker Boot by Magellan & Mulloy. You shall receive a repair proposal where charges are applicable. Do not worry, we will only proceed if you have agreed to the proposal.

Research costs

To repair the product, the external technician will have to investigate the defect. If the repair is not covered under warranty, the repair or manufacturer contends examination fee is charged. These costs should only be charged if you do not agree with the quote (see next point). To make the research costs as clear as possible to you, Biker Boot by Magellan & Mulloy incurs the fixed price of € 39.95 including VAT. This is to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Costs are incurred with any repair. If the repair is not covered under warranty, we will charge the repair costs. We do this in the form of a quote that you will receive by mail as soon as the external technician has examined the product. We will proceed with the repair only when you have accepted the quotation. You can confirm this by email. Once you agree, the research costs do not apply anymore and you will solely pay what is in the quote. If you do not agree with the received quote, please refrain from the repair. You will receive the product or return after payment of the examination fee or it is destroyed for free and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Product defect after repair

Especially since you have lost the product for some time due to the reparation, we apologise for this inconvenience. Yet there is no choice but to start the procedure again.
At a repair, we always offer 3 month warranty. Should the product be returned incomplete after repair, please contact our customer service.