Biker Boot Maintenance, 50ml, 2 pieces


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Manufacturer Biker Boot by Magellan & Mulloy

Description Biker Boot Maintenance, 50ml, 2 pieces

Biker Boot Maintenance

Special maintenance product for our Biker Boots. New Biker Boots are impregnated during the production process and do not require immediate maintenance after purchase. However ... to maintain its orginal natural leather structure we recommand to apply BikerBoot maintenance from time to time. How often you apply this maintenance depends on the intensity of use. Applying BikerBoot Maintenance is easy: apply a thin layer of cream using a cloth or a brush preferably when the BikerBoots are a little moist so that the cream absorbs easily. Thereafter simply allow the cream to dry on air. To keep the original leather structure do not polish. Please be aware that polishing will ultimately result in the leather becoming smooth and shiny.

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